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Note: The NPANXX is the area code plus prefix. For example, phone number 801-924-1091 has 801924 for the NPANXX.


Local Numbers are listed below for reference:

Kilmarnock: 804 435-5470
Irvington: 804 438-0201
Lively: 804 462-4201
Reedville: 804 453-0201
Deltaville: 804 776-3201
Saluda: 804 758-7035
Heathsville: 804 724-1201
Callao: 804 529-1201
Farnham: 804 394-0201
King & Queen: 804 785-0201
Gloucester: 804 792-0201
Hayes: 804 684-1201
Tappahannock: 804 445-2016

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